Rebekah Rotstein has been interviewed by the following media outlets.

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Pilates Style:
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Pilates and Exercise for Osteoporosis:
an Interview with Rebekah Rotstein

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"Bone Health - part 2" Feb 2010 (video)
"Beneath Bone Loss - part 1" Jan 2010 (video)

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"Rancho la Puerta & its Delicious Swiss Chard"

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"Pilates hasta los huesos"
(Chilean fashion magazine -- in Spanish)

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"Pilates Exercise for Osteoporosis"

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"Healthy in Bones and Brain" (audio)

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“Osteoporosis: Talking with Dr. Stephen Honig and Rebekah Rotstein”

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"Limber for Life"
“Pilates 101 and your Bones” (audio)

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“How much do you know about building better bones?”

NY1 News NY1 News:
“Exercise Can Help Ease Osteoporosis, But Doctors Say Use Caution” (video)

accenture Accenture:
“Exercise Class Brings Work/Life Balance” (download as PDF)