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See Rebekah in Pilates Style Magazine!

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Buff Bones® class: NYC
Tuesdays in Park Slope 12:00pm
Wednesdays at Kinected 5:30pm
Thursdays at JCC 9:30am

Osteoporosis in Depth:
Witney, England - December 12

Buff Bones® Licensing Course:
Witney, England - December 13-14
Camarillo, CA - January 31-February 1
London, England - January 31-February 1
New York, NY - February 7-8
Sydney, Australia - March 7-8
Sydney, Australia - March 14-15
Nagoya, Japan - March 21-22
Brunswick, ME - April 25-26
Sao Paolo, Brazil - May 28-29
Boston, MA - June 13-14
Dublin, Ireland - June 27-28

Standing & Spiraling Full Body Integration:
Sydney, Australia – March 13

Pilates Method Alliance Conference:
San Diego - November 13

Shoulders, Neck and Wrists:
New York City – December 6

Rebekah's studio: Manhattan's Flatiron district off 5th Avenue